What we do

What we offer:

  • We are able to pick children up from various nearby schools and provide the children with fun activities.
  • We are open throughout the whole year excluding Christmas week, weekends and public holidays. Cribs day nursery open at 7.30AM and closes at 6.30PM.
  • We are open for full 11 hour a day as we like to provide our children with high level of support and also be as flexible as possible for working parents.
  • We offer 15 and 30 hours government funded spaces for ages 2-3 and 3-5 years.
  • We offer afterschool Clubs 5-8 years where we help focus on their school homework and then plan a wide range of activities to give children the opportunity to explore their imagination
  • Local school pick ups

We work in partnership with our local schools for children that are entitled to the 30 hours government funding, they can complete 15 hours at school and 15 hours at Cribs which make it 30 hours a week. Parents also have the option of choosing to using their full 30 hours at Cribs. If you would like your child to have extra hours, additional prices will need to be discussed.

All our meals freshly prepared on site, we take all of the children’s dietary requirements into consideration for example, halal, vegan, no dairy etc. we also encourage healthy eating at our nursey and all staff have been trained for food and nutrition.

We have an outdoor garden area which all of the children have access to on a daily basis. Our outdoor space offers a range of opportunities including a large climbing frame, a mud kitchen, sand and water trays and other popular garden equipment.